The project was created with the general support
of the Swiss Cooperation Office in Tashkent
and Wondernet Express

О проекте

Pop Art. Urban

The city is one of the key themes of painting, which has nurtured it for many centuries, giving it a wealth of ideas: from its formal findings to the social and ethical meaning of art. In recent times, actually, to be more precise several decades ago, the architecture of the city has hardly been considered a fascinating subject for an artist's work. Rather the hero of the painting was the "products" of urban reality: urban atmosphere, settings and feelings. Certain buildings and ensembles identifying the city are rarely reflected in contemporary art. Street art is first of all a communication tool. The work of art "talks" to the viewer, inviting him to reflect on an urgent social theme. Urban is a combination of urban subcultures, or to be more precise, street subcultures. Hip-hop, of course: rap, graffiti, DJing and breakdancing. But also parkour, tourniquets, floorboarding, krampers, skaters, and a variety of stuntmen, even civilian-hated street racing, and many, many other subcultures. The notion of 'street art' is vigorously used in many contemporary studies of the city and society. However, researchers have not yet come to an understanding of what is art and what kind of art is street art.

The city of Tashkent, or to be more precise, its advertising constructions, underground and buses are the setting for a new theme of the Pop-Art project: urbanization and its impact on the development of arts in Uzbekistan. Young artists will demonstrate their attitude towards urbanization and touch upon issues of social unrest in their works.

The city of Tashkent, buses, the city metro will be the venues for the exhibition.

Project organizer: Bonum Factum Gallery

Partners: Swiss Cooperation Office in Uzbekistan and Embassy of Switzerland in Uzbekistan, Wondernet Express.

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